I know, I know, everyone is completely and totally HORRIFIED and OUTRAGED about Lindsey Lohan's conduct this week.

(not the least of all, this FUCKING B-I-T-C-H):


Listen, you'll get no sympathy for Li-Lo from me. Her ass needed to be sent to jail a long time ago. But I'm really sick of the media's playing the story of her courtroom and post-courtroom conduct to fucking death.

The manicure stunt was risky. Real risky. And her attorney was wise to drop her ass as a client when she found out about it. But no one found out about it until after the judge had already sentenced her - a pretty damn harsh sentence at that. Criminal defendants often act up in court. Normally, courts will bend over backwards to prevent their courtroom theatrics from being used against them the jury responsible for assessing their guilt or assigning punishment. For instance, a judge may order a mistrial after a criminal defendant attacks the prosecutor or his or her own lawyer in the courtroom, because the jury is supposed to judge the defendant for the conduct charged in the indictment ALONE, not for other bad behavior, including behavior exhibited right in front of their eyes.

Lindsey calling the judge a "fucking bitch" after the hearing is something that no one can stop talking about. And yet, it's nothing. We all vent. You get a traffic ticket, you tell your friend about it and call the cop an asshole in the telling. If you've ever been on the losing end of any court proceeding, there's a real good chance you had a few choice words for the judge/jury/opposing party (outside of the courtroom of course). You just didn't have "friends" who ran and told the media all about it - and the media would not have listened to them if they'd tried.

It's just nothing. The noise about it on tv is stupid. I really hope the judge has a thicker skin than all that and does not rise up and take the bait. Because once the players in the criminal justice system start getting their little feewings hurt and acting on it, we're all screwed.

80's Song of the Day - and the Anti-Tiger

Holy mother of GAWD - I'm not a fag hag but I swear I'd still hit it!

Beautiful man. Sweet song. HAWT!

Less hot, more FREAK

Give him credit for not putting on airs. But ... seriously? Just keep singing George!

80's Song of the Day

80's Song of the Day

You figure out why.

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I'm not quite sure what I have to say about this. Other than, well, yuck.

80's Song of the Day

Miami Vice!


It's safe to come out now. She's gone.

*cue "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead"*

Today Sarah Palin gave another speech that she CLEARLY wrote herself ("..suggesting American apologetics...")(huh?) and invoking the troops for no apparent reason other than to give herself cover.

And it just wouldn't be Sarah Palin if she didn't invoke patriotic sacrifice in order to whine about how mistreeeeeeeeated she is by the press.

How 'bout, in honor of the American soldier, ya quit makin' things up.

I got 2 words for you, Sarah: You.First.

Watch if you can stomach it